Blended FamilieS

Beautifully blended

Blended families are unique, therefore, they have unique needs and issues. You have been through divorce/break-up/separation from a previous relationship, and now you are planning to blend or already jumped into blending families. As many already are aware, the divorce rate for couples in blended families is higher than the original marriage/partnership. This statistic often drives people to believe that next chance marriages/partnerships are unattainable, and for the children…complex. Will I be able to love my partner’s children in a healthy way? How to I navigate creating a bond between my children and my new stepchildren? This seems so complicated, can I handle all the issues that will arise? Will be ex-partner accept my new relationship and family structure? Many questions have been and will be asked when forming and being in a blended family. I like to share with individuals and couples that they are the architect of their relationships. I especially share this message with those forming a blended family. How do you want this to look? You may feel that your desire is unattainable, but that is not true. You may have read multiple books, articles, and blogs in search of the answer in how best to be in a blended family. Do you ever feel that all that information relates to you on the surface and not to your unique needs? Every family is unique, therefore, your needs and issues are unique. By working with a family therapist, your solutions can be tailored to fit your particular family. Cohesion and connection are reachable, and most rewarding in blended families.