Some couples come to therapy to even ask “do we want to continue to do?”. Questioning reasons to continue a relationship can be overwhelming, and requiring assistance from a non-biased party. This doesn’t mean that you come to therapy to get divorced. This means you come to therapy to learn how to go forward. 

The divorce process can be extremely overwhelming due to the amount of decisions that need to be made. We need help to find the best solutions for the transitioning couple and family. The stages prior to making this decision are daunting. Is this the best decision? How will everyone be affected? Can I just stay in this relationship, when I am not happy? Am I a failure? I never saw this coming, so how can I do this on my own? Extreme feelings surface that put us in areas of denial, shame, guilt, depression, anxiety...I could go on. 

I want to tell everyone pre and post divorce that YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE! This can feel like the darkest time in your life. Everything is temporary! 


For individuals, couples and families experiencing divorce, and feel that consultation on decision-making through the process in how to best benefit the family. This is a time to discuss foresight, to help hinder hindsight, in decision-making in co-parenting, parenting time scheduling, etc. I completed a 40-hour mediation training, and also provide mediation consulting services for those in the mediation process. I work with individuals and parties seeking assistance from a non-biased person. This service is not based on implementing therapeutic skills. I DO NOT mix therapy and mediation consulting. I am able to use my expertise as a therapist to help individuals and/or parties to see multiple possible outcomes and be informed in decision-making for solutions. I DO NOT provide legal representation or advice. Consulting an attorney is needed.