Life After Divorce


Finding self-confidence and freedom in singlehood and next chance relationships can be just as overwhelming as the divorce process. When we have experienced separation/divorce with  a romantic relationship, grieving of that relationship needs to take place. Did I properly grieve my divorce? This helps to continue to have healthy relationships after a break-up, and insight into how we can be better in our new world. Just as we questioned ourselves prior to the separation and during the break-up, we find that the questions transition to how we connect and become intimate with another person. Will I ever be able to love and be loved with another person again? Can I trust myself and/or other people? If we have children, we can question how we will best care for our children and begin the dating process as a single parent. Maybe we have attempted to begin dating, but find that our old baggage issues are still present. Being informed in how we approach our new life of singlehood or with a new partner will support healthy relationships with ourselves, our children, and all our important relational connections.