Since there are all different types of families, there are different types of family issues. Helping families identify issues, such as yet not limited to, displaced attachment, behavioral concerns, and themes of dysfunction will drive the ability to find the solutions that work to increase relatedness, connectedness, and cohesion. Often times, children and adolescents are acting out for a way of communicating that their home life is symptomatic of relational issues. Communication in these times can be difficult, thus allows the system to break down. I work with families to define individuals needs, and how the family can heal through solutions. When working with children/adolescents family therapy is imperative to bring about the biggest changes. I require family sessions when working with children younger than 6 years of age.


There are so many cycles and stages to a couples’ relationship that wanting to be on the best path is everyone’s hope. I work with couples in any stage to help increase communication, and gain a sense of “we do”. Some couples come to therapy to even ask “do we want to continue to do?”. Questioning reasons to continue a relationship can be overwhelming, and requiring assistance from a non-biased party. When romantic relationships must end, grieving of the relationship needs to take place. This helps to continue to have healthy relationships after a break-up. Couples that have experienced post-divorce dating and relationships, often find that old baggage issues can still be present. Being informed in how we approach our partner and how we value our self and the other supports a healthy relationship.



I work with individuals to bring about personal changes to help empower themselves and changes in their worlds. I work with children over the age of 6 years ( see Family Sessions for younger children) to help identify behavioral and emotional concerns. Adolescents often need a space to freely communicate in a non-judgmental environment, as they are forming their own identities within their developmental stage. The reasons listed for children and adolescent therapy may sound familiar to adults needs, as they are related. I work with individuals of varying age to provide individual attention to help a person see a new perspective and implement change from within.


The divorce process can be extremely overwhelming due to the amount of decisions that need to be made, and finding the best solutions for the transitioning family. For families experiencing divorce, and feel that consultation on decision-making through the process in how to best benefit the family. I completed a 40-hour mediation training, and also provide mediation consulting services for those in the mediation process. I work with individuals and parties seeking assistance from a non-biased person. This service is not based on implementing therapeutic skills. I DO NOT mix therapy and mediation consulting. I am able to use my expertise as a therapist to help individuals and/or parties to see multiple possible outcomes and be informed in decision-making for solutions. I DO NOT provide legal representation or advice. Consulting an attorney is needed.